3 Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned With Your Garage Door

Mar 18, 2020 | Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Door Parts, Garage Door Repair, Residential Garage Door Openers, Residential Garage Doors

Garage door repair in North Texas

Keeping your garage door well-maintained will help prevent the need for garage door repair. However, if you ever do end up needing garage door repair services, know that Integrity Garage Doors can help with whatever garage services you need!

Regardless of whether you have damaged garage door panels or your garage door isn’t opening and closing as it should, we can help!

Reliable garage servicesreasons you should be concerned with your garage door

The team at Integrity Garage Doors has years of experience working on garage doors. No matter what the issue is, whether it’s minor or major, we can get your garage door fixed in a timely manner. We’ve worked on many different issues on different type of garage doors, and we’re confident in our abilities.

Why is my garage door making these noises?

When you hear loud screeching noises coming from your garage door, that’s usually a pretty good sign that there is an issue with it. Over years of use, garage doors can sometimes get off-track and become misaligned, resulting in the screechy noise.

When you call Integrity Garage Doors, we’ll send one of our professionals to your home to have a look at your garage and make the repair as quickly as possible.

Garage repair in North Texas

At Integrity Garage Doors, we know how dangerous a damaged garage door can be. That’s why we make sure to get to you as soon as possible, properly assess any issues, order parts, and make the repairs properly and in timely manner.

Tips for when your garage door opener isn’t working

The first thing you should try when your garage door opener isn’t working is replace the batteries. It’s something that is often overlooked, but is often the issue. It’s a simple solution worth trying out. If the issue still isn’t fixed, give Integrity Garage Doors us a call!

Count on Integrity Garage Doors Repair

No matter what garage door issues you come across – regardless of whether they’re small, easy fixes or major issues – we’ll order the necessary parts and make the repairs for you quickly and properly. Give us a call at 972-520-2577 or visit our website integritygaragedoors.com for more information!

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