5 Common Garage Door Maintenance Issues

Feb 24, 2020 | Garage Door Maintenance, Residential Garage Doors

While you might not give it much thought, your garage door plays a pretty big role when it comes to home security. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your garage door is functioning properly. Unfortunately, though, many people overlook garage maintenance and end up coming across major issues later on. Here are 5 of the most common garage door maintenance issues:

Torsion spring breakinggarage door maintenance issues

Torsion springs, which are located on either side of your garage door, tend to be under a lot of pressure when the garage door is in motion. Over time, due to use and external forces, torsion spring can end up weakening or even breaking. However, it’s strongly recommended that you call garage repair experts in the event of a broken torsion spring, as it’s not something that the average person can repair on their own.

Bent tracks

If you hear a screeching noise when opening or closing your garage door, you might have a bent or misaligned track. Tracks can end up bending or becoming misaligned after years of use and wear. Thankfully, though, just because you have a bent track doesn’t mean that you’ll need to have the whole thing replaced. Most garage door repair experts are able to repair and straighten bent tracks, so all you’d really need to do is call the pros!

Old and rusty rollers

Screeching sounds can also be an indication that the hinges need to be lubricated. If you want to try resolving the issue on your own, you can always spray the hinges and rollers with WD-40. Still, the best option is to call in a professional if WD-40 doesn’t help the rollers run smoothly. In this case, the pros will probably decide to make an adjustment to the tracks or replace the hinges and rollers.

Faulty garage sensors

Most garage doors have sensors that stop the garage from closing if something or someone is in the way. While these sensors are helpful, they can become dirty over time and require regular cleaning in order to continue functioning properly.

In the event that your garage door sensor breaks or stops working due to age, it can be easily replaced by a garage door repair expert. All you have to do is call Integrity Garage Doors!

Garage door opener doesn’t work

Your garage door opener is perhaps the most used part of your garage door, aside from the garage door itself. It’s only natural that your garage door opener stops working after some time. Generally speaking, garage door openers don’t work when the batteries have died, so you should be good if you replace those batteries. If this doesn’t work, you can always call Integrity Garage Doors to take a look at and resolve the issue.

Call Integrity Garage Doors!

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