Often times, if a garage door is damaged by something hitting it, it’s not the entire garage door that needs replacement. After having a garage door expert look at your garage door, you might find out that you can simply replace a garage door panel or two. Here are some things to consider when it comes to replacing a garage door panel:

Year and model of the garage door you’re replacingcan I replace a single panel in my garage door

Generally speaking, garage doors last at least 25 years. Garage doors endure a lot for 25 years, so all kinds of damage can occur. Before you purchase the panel to replace, you need to make sure that it’s similar to the existing garage door in terms of the style, size, weight, and quality. That’s the only way a garage door panel replacement can be successful.

Take the damage into consideration

Another important step to take is to analyze the type of damage that has occurred to your garage door. The reason why this is so important is that the type of damage plays into how it is repaired.

The cost of replacement

It really depends on how much you’re replacing and what material your garage door is made of. In the event that you’re simply replacing a panel or two, you shouldn’t have to worry abut the cost.

Have experts install the panel

Once you’ve purchased the panel (or panels) that match the quality and size of your original garage door, you should call a reputable garage door repair company, such as Integrity Garage Doors, to come install the panel for you. For all your garage door needs, count on us! Give us a call at 972-520-2577 or visit our blog for more information!

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