The answer to whether you can fix a broken garage door spring is definitely a YES. Fixing requires getting rid of the broken spring and installing a new one. But if you get into the details, there is much more to the story than a mere yes

Fixing springs is a dangerous job. You can do it yourself, but only if you have the necessary tools and training. In case you have no idea about garage doors, call a garage door repair company to avoid ending up with uncertainties. 

Want To Fix Springs Yourself? Follow These Steps!

If you know how a garage door and its different components work, you can undoubtedly carry out the fixing job yourself. But remember, you will have to replace the existing springs and get in place the new ones. If you are sure to do so, follow these steps and ease the task for yourself:


Disconnect the door opener and settle the door on the track with the help of a clamp. This will keep the door from opening while you release tension off the springs.

Position a stable ladder on the sides of screws, push a winding bar into the bottom hole of the winding cone and loosen the screws with a wrench keeping a firm grip over it. This would powerfully expand the screws, so make sure you aren’t directly in front of them.

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Unwind the screws positioning an additional winding bar. Remove all nuts and bolts with a wrench to unsecure the springs attaching to the center brackets. Finally, slide the springs towards the bracket’s end.

Now comes the challenging but crucial part of removing the existing springs. With the help of a locking plier, tighten the torsion tube to the center bracket. Release set screws, detach lift cables, and carefully slide the springs and drums off the tube. Make sure the tubes are correctly locked, or else you may dangerously injure yourself.

Once the springs are relaxed, use a measuring tape and check their length, so you do not install wrongly sized new springs. In case you have two springs, change both. Fixing one end doesn’t allow the door to work effectively.

Make sure while you are at it, check for other worn-out garage door components as well. Tension is off the door, so you can quickly inspect other elements with ease.


Once you have your replacement screws, start with installing those. Slide it on the torsion tube while ensuring the cone on end remains stationary and faces the center bracket. Replace the cable drum and finally place the torsion bar on the bearing bracket. Do this for both sides and put back the nuts and bolts you removed earlier.

Run the lift cable, slip the stop through the cable slot, and attach the tube’s locking plier. Spin the drum, so it winds the cable into its grooves. Once done, secure the set screws. Repeat on both sides.

Tighten both sides equally and adequately. For the garage door and the springs to work efficiently, the tension must be even, or else, the garage door would either come crashing down or work with a jerky motion.

 Now with two winding bars inserted into the winding cone, turn the springs as recommended by the spring supplier.

When fully wound, stretch the spring, keeping one winding bar in place. Tap the bar with a hammer, and that will do the job.

With your fingers, tighten the set screws until the torsion tube contracts. Just be careful you do not puncture the tube with excessive tightening.

To protect your newly installed springs, spray them with a quality lubricant.

Finally, remove the pliers or clamps, whatever you used for holding the door and the torsion bar, and test the door. Do not forget to connect the opener and test the door both automatically and manually. If you aren’t satisfied, you may adjust the turns of the springs to fix any movement issues.

Want To Avoid DIY Hassles? Call A Professional Garage Door Repair Company!

Although you can fix the springs yourself, we always suggest our readers think twice about it. There is a lot of risk if you do not get the process right in the first place. You may have to redo the entire procedure even if a single step or rotation goes wrong. Not just that, fixing the garage door components all by yourself is risky, for the door is so heavy and under tension that you can easily hurt yourself.

Also, people sometimes use a screwdriver in place of a winding bar, which is a risky tool for such a job. Then, they may even leave the springs too tight or too loose – there is a precise formula that tells you how many times the springs may wind and if the process is attempted without keeping such details in mind, it damages the door and poses a risk for the user.

Purchasing incorrect springs is another major problem that can mess up your DIY project. It is a severe safety risk that may cause the door to either get stuck or collapse unexpectedly on the vehicle or someone.

The most common blunder we see people make is to work on closed doors to avoid the chances of falling. What they do not understand is that springs are actually in a relaxed state when the door is open. Springs are the most dangerous when they are shut, for there is maximum tension. When you remove the springs, the wrong may, not just these, even the cable and bracket comes flying off and have full chances of hitting you.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair In Texas

Let us just reiterate that broken garage door springs are dangerous in themselves. Fixing the same yourself can be an even risky job. If you are not someone mechanically inclined or an expert handyman yourself, leave the fixing to the pros.

There are dangers as well as the efforts involved in repairing a broken spring. Opt for professional repair services, so your safety is not compromised. We at Integrity Garage Doors have a skilled and trained staff who know their job well. Our 50 years of industry experience allows us to achieve excellence with all projects. Our team as well understands the mechanics of garage doors and can help with all related issues. If you are in Texas or around, call us today at (972) 520-2577 and save yourself from the troubles of fixing the springs.

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