When it comes to garage door springs, you probably don’t know the difference between extension and torsion springs. However, they’re not the same thing! They each have different functions, which we explain below:

Each spring has different roles. Extension springs are some of the most commonly used garage door springs. For most residential garage doors, extension springs are commonly used. Extension springs have hooks on their ends and are installed horizontally to the garage door. Its job is very simple – when you open or close your garage door, the spring balances the weight.

Unfortunately, if these springs are stretched too far, they might break, which is why they require proper maintenance. Additionally, there are also other parts that are required to make the spring functional. Torsion springs are tightly coiled springs by the head of the garage door. When a garage door is opening, the torsion spring twists around the center steel shaft. Rather than stretching, it winds and unwinds.

DurabilityExtension Spring Vs Torsion Springs

In terms of durability, torsion springs are stronger and can take on more weight than extension springs, don’t cause serious issues, and make garage door usage easier. Extension springs, on the other hand, can be seriously damaged ot even break if stretched too far.


Extension springs beat out torsion springs when it comes to cost. They’re so commonly used that they’re quite inexpensive, especially when compared to torsion springs. Additionally, extension springs aren’t just inexpensive to buy, but also to replace.


We mentioned earlier that extension springs are easily damaged and broken, which means that they are much higher-maintenance. Additionally, in the event that extension springs aren’t well-maintained, they can break and cause serious damages or injury. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you keep extension springs well-maintained.

Taking precaution

Both torsion and extension springs need maintenance, extension springs are more prone to being serious damaged or broken when not maintained. It’s always a good idea to routinely inspect and maintain your garage door and springs. Now that you know the difference between the two springs, you know which ones require more matintenance.

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