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Your garage door cables play a critical role. Cable drums on either side of your garage door help maintain even tension on your door cables, ensuring your garage door’s proper operation. Even if one of the cables breaks, you will notice them right away. 

A broken garage door cable can be a safety hazard, and replacing them is something that you should leave to professionals. If you find out that your garage door cables have been broken, you need to stop using your garage door immediately and call for a garage door specialist from Integrity Garage Doors at once.

Replacing a garage door cable

If your garage door has stopped working, looks uneven, is shaking or moving too fast, you need to call for professional help. Here at Integrity Garage Doors, we offer quick and easy cable replacement across Richardson, Texas

We will send a team of professional experts to your business or home with all the required equipment and tools to get your garage door fixed without much effort.

A cable replacement project ideally involves replacing both of the cables. Once the project is completed, our professionals will also perform a thorough evaluation of your garage door’s performance. 

We can also perform the adjustment and preventive services during the same visit, which will help you prolong your garage door’s overall lifespan. Doing this can help you avoid replacing your garage door before time.

residential garage door

Signs of a broken garage door cable


Both extension cables and torsion spring cables are made from heavy-duty galvanized wire. Ideally, homeowners should get years of use from these springs. 

Nevertheless, there are times when your spring can break as a result of sudden or gradual effects. Malfunctioning springs can result in extensive damage and even serious injury to you and your family. It would help if you looked for the following signs of broken cables:

Door not working

A broken garage door cable or cable drums can end up triggering safety features that will prevent your garage door from moving until the required repairs are made.

Uneven door

Damaged or frayed garage door cables can get loose, which will further lead to your garage door’s uneven operation. If you find out that your garage door is slanting towards a particular side, the chances are that it is happening due to loose garage door cables.

Fast movement of the door

Garage door cables play a crucial role in keeping your door operation constant and smooth. If you notice that your door is closing faster than it should, it may result from broken garage door cables.

You, as a homeowner, need to understand that years of exposure to severe weather and other elements can lead your garage door cable to corrode. 

Like all other things, even your garage door cable is subject to wear and tear from other garage door components. Worn or broken cable drums, pulleys, and springs can cause severe damage to your garage door cables.

If you feel like your door has been acting funny, you need to call for a diagnosis. The chances are that you may have to get your garage door cable replaced.

Types of garage door cables

When it comes to garage door cables, there are two primary types. These cables are known as extension spring cables and torsion spring cables. The difference between torsion spring and extension spring determines how your garage door is going to function.

Torsion spring cables are one of the most commonly used garage door springs amongst homeowners. Even though all garage door cables use some spring to open your doors, torsion springs require a torque to function. 

The cables that are attached to your garage door winds up the spring when lowered and helps in opening your garage door by being unwound.

If you have a garage that does not have a lot of headroom, then extension spring cables are your best alternative. These types of cables are installed horizontally alongside your garage and connect to the bottom corner of your door.

Extension springs are stretched when your garage door is closed and contract when you open your door. The more you use your garage, the higher amount of stress is placed on your extension spring itself.

Why should you hire a professional to fix your garage door cables?

A cable replacement project can be a dangerous undertaking that requires professional training. If your door is stuck closed or open or is not working correctly, it’s better if you do not try to fix it yourself. 

Springs and cables used in garage doors have incredible tension. Making repairs all by yourself will put your home, vehicle, and personal safety at risk.

For over 50 years, Integrity Garage Doors have steadily built their reputation as one of the best garage door replacement, repair, and service providers. 

If you feel like you have worn, loose, or broken garage door drums or cables, give our team a call, and our professionals will be available at your service as soon as possible.

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