In order to keep your garage door working as it should, proper garage maintenance is required. The very first step is choosing the right garage door and having it installed properly. Here are some tips to help you make sure your garage door is well-maintained:

Observe the condition of your garage doorgarage door maintenance and home security

Before you call a professional garage door repair company, like Integrity Garage Doors, to come take a look at your garage door, you should try to observe the condition of your garage door on your own.

Some signs that your garage door might need maintenance or repair are hearing screeching noises while opening or closing the door. Additionally, a garage door not being able to open or close properly might be a sign that the track is misaligned.

Those are just some things you might notice if your garage door needs servicing or maintenance. Once you notice these things, you should call Integrity Garage Doors so that we can fix the issues for you!

Tighten any loose parts

Garage doors  are used quite often, always opening and closing. It’s only natural that issues come up and parts come loose after some time. Often times, you don’t need to have your garage door replaced or even repaired! Sometimes all your garage door parts need is a little tightening.

Take precautions for garage door maintenance

If you realize that your garage door needs more than just routine maintenance from your end, you should leave it to the pros at Integrity Garage Doors. The reason we say this is because a malfunctioning garage can be quite dangerous and even result in injury to the homeowner. Until the pros arrive, make sure to unplug the garage opener so that the garage door isn’t activated on accident.

Check garage door springs!

As we mentioned earlier, garage door springs are some of the most overused parts of a garage door. They’re constantly in use when you open or close the garage door. Due to this, they often break or need repairs. That’s where we come in! The team at Integrity Garage Doors can come and make repairs to your garage door, even replacing garage door springs if necessary.

For all your garage door repair needs, rely on Integrity Garage Doors! We can repair or replace any damaged parts to make sure your garage door is working properly. Give us a call at 972-520-2577 or visit our website integritygaragedoorsusa.com for more information. Also, check out our blog for helpful tips!

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