One thing that homeowners tend to struggle with is whether they should take on garage door projects themselves, or have garage door repair experts handle the projects for them. Read on to see how we weigh your options to help you reach a decision:

Timegarage door service vs diy

When it comes to time, taking on a garage door project yourself will probably take more time to complete than hiring garage door professionals to take on the project. When you think about the time it will take for you to complete a garage door project on your own, you’re considering more than just the time to actually make the repair. You also have to think about the time it will take to research, find, and buy the tools and parts you’ll need to make the repairs. After buying the necessary parts and equipment, you’ll end up spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to make the actual repair. On the other hand, a professional garage repair company will be already have the necessary parts and equipment to complete the repair. Additionally, the pros already have the knowledge to make the repair quickly and properly. In terms of time, garage door servicing wins.


If it’s not already obvious, garage door repair servicing is the more convenient option. The reason for this is that hiring a garage door repair company to fix your garage doors means that you won’t have to spend and of your time or money researching and buying parts and tools needed to make the repair. Alternatively, hiring a garage door repair company is extremely easy and convenient. All you have to do is research to find a reliable garage door repair company, like Integrity Garage Doors. Once again, garage door service wins.


This is perhaps the biggest reasons why most people opt to have professionals make repairs to their garage doors. While some garage door issues are simple and can be repaired easily, others are more complicated and sometimes even dangerous for the average person. Hiring a professional garage door repair company assures homeowners that the job will be done safely and properly. Additionally, most garage door repair companies provide some form of warranty for their services. Therefore, professional garage door services are better than DIY  garage projects with regards to assurance.


Generally speaking, repairing your garage door on your own will cost less than hiring a professional since there’s no added cost of labor. That being said, you should only take on garage door repair projects if you know how to make the repair or the issue is a minor one. If you don’t repair your garage door properly, you could end up having to spend even more money. However, in general, DIY garage door projects will save you more money compared to having professionals work on them.

Which option is better?

The answer depends on your needs. If you find that the issue with your garage door is minor, you can probably make the repair yourself. However, if the repair is major and isn’t something that you can handle, you’re better off hiring a reputable garage door company, like Integrity Garage Doors. For all your garage door needs, whether you need repairs or installation services, call us at 972-520-2577 or visit our website: integritygaragedoorsusa.com. Also, check out our blog for more helpful tips!

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