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What does an average homeowner do when their garage door struggles to open properly? Check its springs to find out if one of them needs to be replaced. Nevertheless, many other signs suggest you may need to get your garage door spring repaired.  

An average garage door is going to open and close at least three to five times every day. That gives us a total of 1500 times each year. As a result of this constant strain on the garage door throughout the year, it is almost inevitable that they will face some damage. 

Your garage door has probably started to open unevenly or feels heavier than usual. If it does, then these are telltale signs that indicate you need to get your garage door repaired. Do you want to know all the signs? Don’t worry because our team at Integrity Garage Doors has got you covered. 

But first, you need to understand what a garage door spring is and how it works. 

Importance and types of garage door springs 

There are two types of garage door springs that homeowners often use: extension springs and torsion springs. It’s time to take a look at how they work. 

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Extension Springs 

Extension Springs are placed perpendicular to your garage door parallel to the tracks that your door uses to tuck itself in above your vehicle. Ideally, two extension springs are placed on each side of your door that works together to pull on your garage door evenly. 

As the name suggests, when your garage door is closed, these types of springs are fully extended and charged with all the energy they acquired as they lower your garage door into place. These types of springs are also potentially dangerous, and repairing or fixing them is not a job for someone who does not have enough experience. 

Torsion spring 


A torsion spring is ideally positioned parallel to your garage door. This type of spring has pullies on each end that are attached to cables. When your motor is activated, the spring engages and uncoils, releasing all its energy to lift your garage door.

The pullies start to rotate and pull the cables that help in lifting the door from each side. Torsion Springs should never be repaired or replaced by an untrained individual for any reason. There have been cases of people dying due to being too close when a torsion spring snaps since it has a lot of energy stored.

Given below are a few signs that may indicate you need to get your garage door spring checked:

The door is not opening smoothly.

If you notice that your door has a difficult time opening properly, it is a sign that you need to get your springs replaced.

A garage door that is not leveled properly will not open smoothly, and a crooked door is often a telltale sign that your springs are not operating evenly and require a professional inspection. No matter what type of garage door spring you have, a crooked door is always a bad sign which often leads to even more trouble if not checked properly.

The garage door is heavy.

If you try to open a garage door that has a broken spring, you will find that your opener will struggle to get the job done or is not going to open the door at all.

As a result of a safety measure built into the door’s opener, your garage door may rise a few inches and go back down. This sensitive feature helps control the total strength of your opener to prevent any damage due to excessive weight.

If you try to lift your door manually, you will notice that it is harder to lift. Your spring helps support your door’s weight, but if your garage door feels heavy, then it’s a sign that your door springs are broken.

Hearing a loud sound

You might be hearing a sound that is similar to a falling storage box or a crash coming from your garage, but it is likely the sound of your garage door spring breaking.

Whenever spring breaks, it causes the coiled spring to spin violently and unravel around the shaft. As a result of this, you may hear a loud bang.

Spring gap

If you notice a gap in your garage door springs, then you need to start planning on getting your spring replaced. A garage door spring usually comprises one or two tightly wound springs placed above your garage door.

When this spring breaks, it unwinds and leaves a noticeable gap between the pieces, which is approximately one to two inches and sometimes even bigger.

If you notice a gap, you need to get in touch with a professional from Integrity Garage Doors as soon as possible to get your springs checked.

Loose cables

A garage door uses cables to properly open and close. Placed above your doors, the cable wraps around a drum attached to the torsion system, and the bottom of the cable hooks onto the bottom panel.

When your spring breaks, it causes the drum to spin fast, and the cables end up losing all their tension. This is the reason why your cables get loose, tangled, or even appear cut.

Want to get your garage door Springs checked? Get in touch with Integrity Garage Doors today!

Now that you have been educated on five major signs that suggest you need to get your garage door spring repaired, you need to get in touch with Integrity Garage Doors if you notice even one of these signs immediately.

Since it is the largest door in your home, a broken garage door spring can end up being a huge inconvenience to you and your family, especially if you park in your garage. If you live in Richardson, TX, and are hoping to get your garage door spring repaired, contact us today.

For over 50 years, our company has been providing DFW homeowners with best-in-class garage doors and garage door openers and other garage door parts (springs, rollers and tracks, panels and hinges, etc.) and accessories (decorative hinges and pulls, windows, etc.) Not only will we ensure that you get the perfect garage door springs, but we will also ensure that you get it at a reasonable price.

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