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Getting a new garage installed in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. If used properly, a garage can help you minimize clutter in your house, serve as a storage area for various seasonal equipment and decorations, and provide enjoyment to the entire family.

Not only this, a garage will also protect your vehicles from vandalism, theft, and precipitation. A garage is a precious investment for all homeowners, but only if it functions as it should. A damaged garage door opener can cause stress and add to the long-haul expenses.

The more you use a malfunctioned garage door opener, the more your valuables are susceptible to dangers from the outside, and the more you will have to pay to get it repaired or replaced.

If you wish to make the most out of your garage door, you need to get it repaired as soon as you notice the following signs with your garage door opener:

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New batteries do not help.

New age garage door openers are not very difficult to operate. If you notice that your garage door opener is starting to act up or is working slower than usual, you can choose to change its batteries and see it work like brand new again.

Nevertheless, if you have already tried this and still its performance has not improved, then it is high time that you get your garage door opener replaced or repaired by a professional.

Get in touch with our team from Integrity Garage Doors to come to take a look at the situation. A garage door opener that doesn’t function after replacing the old batteries with new ones means that there might be some parts inside that are loose or broken. Such problems typically require the knowledge of a professional expert.

Some commercial garage openers can also be configured to turn off some primary functions of the operator as well as the automated control with the click of a button. The only way that these functions of the system can be re-activated is through the control panel, which the burglar will surely be unable to access. With the functions deactivated, no similar remote controls can operate your commercial garage door, leaving all your business assets safe and secure. These features make it virtually impossible for trespassers to break into your garage door – and no amount of lifting could lift the heavy-duty garage door anyway.

Your door opener was submerged underwater for an extended time.

Your garage should ideally protect you and your property from all the dangers outside. No matter how tough or durable your garage door is, it is still susceptible to various natural disasters like floods. Water can find its way inside your residence and damage everything that you have inside your garage.

It doesn’t matter if your garage door opener looks good; if it has been submerged underwater for an extended time, you need to consider getting it replaced or repaired at the earliest.

It would help if you kept in mind that electrical equipment and water do not go well with each other, and using a garage door opener that has been damaged due to flood can be dangerous.

If your garage door still functions appropriately after heavy rain or flooding but you notice a few leaks, then you need to prioritize fixing your water problems first.

Even a brand-new garage door opener is going to offer you a shorter lifespan if you do not get the source of your problem or other water damage fixed before installation.

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liftmaster jackshaft rollup opener

Your door opener detaches from its location.

A garage door opener is ideally fixed on the ceiling of your garage to help control your garage door’s overall movement.

Depending on the opener model you have, this device is usually attached to your door with the help of one or two poles.

If you find out that your garage door opener is no longer in its original position, you need to hire a professional to get it repaired immediately.

A garage door opener that detaches from its original location all by itself can be dangerous for anyone who happens to be in its way.

This can end up causing significant injuries and accidents, especially if you have pets and kids at home. Even your vehicle can get damaged if your garage door opener suddenly falls on top of it. Our experts from Integrity Garage Doors can fix this problem for you without much effort.

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Your garage door opens slower than usual.

Having a garage in your home is going to entail costs. Depending on your garage’s features and size, you may have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your garage.

However, all that extra money you will be spending on your garage will be useless if your door is opening slowly. An expensive garage should help you increase your overall productivity during the day, not become the main reason for your inconvenience and stress.

If you notice that your door is opening slower than it should, it is one telltale sign which suggests your garage door opener needs to be repaired soon.

This problem usually occurs as a result of poorly lubricated roller brackets or tracks. The longer you leave this type of problem unattended, the more damage it will cause to your garage door opener.

Your garage door is noisy.

A garage door is made up of various mechanisms, so it makes noise when you use it. Hearing some noise when your garage door opens and closes should not be a cause for concern.

Nevertheless, if you notice that your garage door has started to make loud noises to the point where your entire family can hear it, that’s another story.

A garage door that makes loud and weird noises usually suggests that some parts of the door openers are either damaged or loose.

If you experience this type of problem, you need to call professionals from Integrity Garage Doors to diagnose and fix your issues professionally.

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