How to know if I should adjust my garage door springs?

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Your Dallas home has no moving part larger than a garage door, which means it is worth making sure that your garage door operates properly for your home’s security and safety of everyone inside. Therefore, if you have noticed any significant change in the way your garage door is working lately, you ought to address the problem as soon as possible.

Garage door springs are more important than you think.

Most people are under the impression that it is their automatic garage door opener that lifts their 400-pound garage door. However, the reality is that the opener’s role in raising and lowering a modern overhead garage door is surprisingly small; it is mostly reserved to get things going and then controlling the rate of movement. But if it is not the “opener” that raises and lowers the garage door, what does? If you said garage door springs, give yourself a big pat on the back. Yes, springs do the lion’s share of work when it comes to raising and lowering a heavy overhead garage door. This makes them one of the most important components (if not, the most important) of a garage door’s operation. Be that as it may, like any other mechanical component, these springs do go bad with time.

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Garage door springs get stretched and re-stretched thousands of times during their life, and like rubber bands, they eventually lose the ability to hold a “charge” effectively. When the springs go bad, they are not able to move the garage door up and down on the tracks. What’s worse? They may snap while the door is lifted, causing the door to come crashing down. This makes it crucial for you to recognize some of the signs that your garage door springs are failing and need to be adjusted.

Below we will go over some of the telltale signs that your garage door springs have had more than enough and need an adjustment.

Signs it is time to replace the garage springs on your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

The Springs are worn out.

Start by performing a visual inspection. Carefully check the garage door springs for unmistakable signs of everyday wear or damage. If they are visibly worn out, stretched out or elongated, or if there is a separation in the spring, the springs need to be replaced.

Ideally, you should visually inspect the springs for signs of wear and tear or damage once or twice a month to ensure that the garage door is operating smoothly and safely.

The door won’t lift properly.

Garage door springs are designed to allow for easy manual opening of the ponderous overhead doors. Check to see if the garage door can be manually lifted with little resistance. If you are not able to lift the door, it is a clear indication that the springs are not doing their job effectively and need to be adjusted.

If your door simply refuses to be lifted manually, we recommend that you immediately give up your own personal check-up and schedule an inspection with a DFW garage door professional to address the issue properly.

There is more noise than usual.

Listen to your door as it works. A balanced garage door should be rather silent when traveling up or down the door tracks. If you hear excessive popping, creaking, screeching, and other nasty noises when opening or closing the door, the springs may be exerted to the limit.

While you can lubricate the springs for a short-term solace from all the noise, at this point, the damage is already done, and some adjustment is necessary.

The door is crooked.

Springs are mounted on either side of a garage door, and they pull the weight of the door independently. If any of these springs snaps, that side will not be able to lift the heavy overhead garage door. The result? The garage door will either go up the trucks unevenly or get stuck in the tracks. So, if your garage door is crooked, it could mean that your springs are broken and need to be replaced.

The door moves too slow.

Has your door gone slow? A garage door that moves up and down the tracks at a much slower speed than usual could mean that something is wrong with the spring. Since a broken spring will be unable to support the weight of a door, that may inhibit the automatic door opener from achieving its typical speed.

Garage Door Spring Repair In DFW, TX

The security and safety of your home depend on the smooth operation of your garage door. Don’t ignore these warning signs of trouble. Schedule a professional garage door inspection right away. Never attempt to repair or replace your garage door springs on your own. Garage door springs are tightly wound and are under a lot of tension. If the spring breaks as you are fixing it, the garage door will come slamming down, which could be extremely dangerous. Instead, call the garage door experts at Integrity Garage Doors.

Don’t wait for your garage door springs to snap and injure someone or damage your car. Keep them operating the way they were meant to with annual garage door service from the pros at Integrity Garage Doors.

Scheduling annual garage door maintenance is no more difficult than picking up the phone and calling Integrity Garage Doors on (972) 520-2577. We are local and have been providing the homeowners of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, with reliable, affordable garage door repair and maintenance for more than 50 years.  So, you can rest assured that we will keep your garage doors and its components (such as springs) looking and operating just like they should.

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