A garage door is vital to the safety and protection of your Dallas home, so it is worth making sure that your garage door operates properly. But what if your garage door fails to operate because of a broken spring? Not only can this problem cause immediate and inconvenient changes to your daily routines, but it can also even pose safety hazards for you and your family.

Although a garage door with broken spring can be opened with some safety precautions, we recommend you contact a reputable garage door repair company in your area as attempting to open a garage door with a broken spring can be dangerous for even the most experienced DIY homeowner.

Why do garage door springs break?

Garage door springs are some of the most likely components to fail. Every time you open and close your garage door, the springs take a beating. They get constantly stretched and re-stretched, and like rubber bands, they eventually lose the ability to hold a “charge” effectively. When the springs become tired and worn out, they cannot move the garage door up and down on the tracks. Lack of maintenance or rust can also cause the springs to break.

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What are the signs that you have broken springs?

The Springs are worn out. If the springs are visibly worn out, stretched out or elongated, or if there is a separation in the spring, it could indicate that they have failed.

The door won’t lift properly. Check to see if the garage door can be manually lifted with little resistance. If you cannot lift the door, it is a clear indication that the springs have gone bad.

There is more noise than usual. If you hear excessive popping, creaking, screeching, and other nasty noises when opening or closing the door, the springs may be exerted to the limit. While you can lubricate the springs for a short-term solace from all the noise, at this point, the damage is already done.

The door is crooked. A garage door has two different types of springs: torsion or extension. They are mounted on either side of the door and pull the weight of the door independently. If any of these springs snaps, that side will not be able to lift the heavy overhead garage door. The result? The garage door will either go up the trucks unevenly or get stuck in the tracks. So, if your garage door is crooked, it could mean that your springs are broken.

Why should you avoid attempting to open the door with a broken spring?

A garage door spring has the ever-important job of supporting the 400-pound door’s weight so that it can be easily raised or lowered either manually or by way of a remote-controlled operating system. When the springs are broken, they are no longer able to support these doors. Remember that the garage door opener is designed to lift the door with the aid of the spring, and is not trustworthy to support the door by itself. If you try to open your garage door with an opener, the door could fall along the tracks. When that happens, its weight could crush a human or cause significant property damage. Doors with glass windows could send broken glass shards flying upon impact. This glass may be flying both inside and outside of the garage. The glass itself presents significant dangers.

So, if your door simply refuses to be lifted manually, we recommend that you immediately give up your own personal check-up and schedule an inspection with a DFW garage door professional to address the issue properly.

Opening Garage Door with Broken Spring

If you must open your garage door, here is a step-by-step overview of how to do it safely so you can go about your day until you are able to call a technician to fix it completely.

Step 1: Put two six-foot ladders on either side of the front of the garage to keep the door open once you have propped the door open completely.

Step 2: Insert a pry bar on opposite ends of the door at the same time, prying it up enough to grab onto the bottom edge with your hands. You will need an extra hand for this.

Step 3: Push the door up at the same time. Remember not to overextend your back or stand underneath the door while it is not secured, as this could cause serious injury.

Step 4: Use vice grips attached to the track just below the door once you have pushed the door to the fully open position.

Step 5: Move the ladders into position, using them to rest the door on (after removing the vice grips). You can certainly leave the vice grips in place as an extra precaution against the door slipping out of place.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement In DFW, TX

The security and safety of your home depend on the smooth operation of your garage door. Should you find yourself needing to open a broken garage door, never attempt to open your garage door on your own. Instead, call the garage door experts at Integrity Garage Doors. Our technicians can fix the springs and help you get out of your garage and hopefully, to work on time.

But why wait for your garage door springs to break in the first place? Keep them operating the way they were meant to with annual garage door service from the pros at Integrity Garage Doors. Scheduling annual garage door maintenance is no more difficult than picking up the phone and calling us on (972) 520-2577. We are local and have been providing the homeowners of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, with reliable, affordable garage door repair and maintenance for more than 50 years. So, you can rest assured that we will keep your garage doors and its components (such as springs) looking and operating just like they should.

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