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If you’ve ever left your home and come back to find that your garage door was still open, Garageio might benefit you. It’s common to accidentally leave garage doors open. However, with Garageio, you’ll never have to worry about it again. Garageio is a smart garage door opener that works to prevent garage doors from accidentally being left open. You can connect the Garageio system to your home’s WiFi and you can have access to it even when you’re not home

Get notified when your garage door is left openNever leave your garage open again

Garageio will notify you if your garage door was left open via mobile app. You’ll also receive notifications if anyone else tries opening your garage while you’re away. With this, if someone tries opening and stealing from your garage, you’ll be notified and can report it to authorities. While no one wants to be stolen from, it’s nice to know that in the event that something happens, you’ll be able to deter and catch whoever broke in.

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