Preparing Your Garage Door For Winter

Feb 20, 2020 | Garage Door Maintenance, Residential Garage Doors

Winter weather can end up being detrimental to garage doors and openers if they’re not properly maintained. Here are some tips on how to prepare your garage for the cold winter months so that they stay working properly:

Make sure that the garage door spring is lubricated

Preparing your garage door for winterIn the winter, garage door springs can harder and dry out, which makes them more vulnerable to brekaing. Making sure that your garage door spring is properly lubricated is an extremely helpful tip when it comes to making sure that your garage door functions properly in cold weather. Unfortunately, most people will look to WD-40 to help with this. Don’t! What you should use to lubricate your garage door spring is white lithium grease spray. All you have to do is spray it every so often and your garage door spring should be in great shape!

Check the roller tracks

Garage roller tracks that are bent will more likely than not break over time, especially during the winter. What you’ll need to do in order to prevent this is to check the rollers every so often. In the event that you notice that the rollers are misaligned, you should adjust them gently so that they are. In addition, you should take a look at the tracks themselves. If you notice that the tracks are not straight, you should make sure to call garage door repair experts, like Integrity Garage Doors. We can repair them quickly and safely, as this is not something homeowners should attempt themselves.

Check your weather strip

Something that seems obvious, yet is often overlooked, is checking the garage weather strip. Malfunctioning weather strips could lead to higher utility bills. Alternatively you can relace it, which is a simple repair that will cost around $15 to $20, and will end up saving you hundreds.

Cover the external garage opener

Make sure to cover the garage opener outside, especially if it’s used often. It’s an extremely simple fix that won’t cost you more than $20. It’s not worth having your garage door equipment freeze over just because it didn’t have a cover.

Listen strange noises

This is a given. If you hear any noises that are out of the ordinary while opening or closing your garage door, or otherwise, make sure to get in touch with a garage door expert, like Integrity Garage Doors, so we can come see what the issue is and repair it if necessary. For more information, give us a call at 972-520-2577! Also, check out our blog for more helpful tips!

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