For homeowners who are planning to have a garage sale, here are some great tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly and successfully:

Prepare items for salepro tips to having a successful garage sale

You should always prepare for a garage sale ahead of time. You can do so by keeping obects that aren’t being used to the side for your garage sale. Some examples could be cold chairs that you’re not using, toys and paintings. You should make sure that all items are new or gently used. No one would want to purchase worn-down items, even if they are secondhand.

Work with a plan

Make sure that garage sales are approved by your neighborhood’s HOA. You’ll also want to work on getting the word out. Some easy ways to do this is by making signs and flyers to put in and around your neighborhood. Another great way to make people aware of the garage sale is by posting about it on social media to your friends and family.

Organize your items

You don’t want to just have a pile of items for sale on the day of your garage sale. You should make sure to sweep any dead bugs and leaves from inside your garage. You should also have a table and chair set up for accepting payments, as well as a table (or tables) for the items you’re selling.

Work with family or friends

Hosting a garage sale can be more work than one person can handle. You might want to ask a family member or friend for help. They can assist in making and posting up flyers, as well as cleaning up your garage and even selling and accepting payments from buyers on the day of the actual garage sale! The more the merrier!


The last thing to take into consideration is the weather. You don’t want to have your garage sale during the winter with possible snow storms. At the same time, you don’t want to have it during the dog days of summer when people are trying to stay in the coolness of their home. Make sure to check weather patterns so that your garage sale is successful and will bring the community together.

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