How to know if i should adjust my garage door springs?

Sep 30, 2020 | Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Door Parts, Garage Door Repair, Residential Garage Door Openers, Residential Garage Doors

Your home has no moving part that’s heavier and larger than a garage door, which is why you must ensure that the door is balanced and performs its job efficiently. It saves you from potentially dangerous accidents, ascertains your safety, and keeps the garage door fully functional. But if you’ve recently noticed something awkward about the door’s movement, here’s how you can confirm if it’s time to adjust the springs. But before that …

Importance of garage door springs

Most people believe that it’s the automatic opener that raises and lowers an overhead garage door. The reality, however, is quite the opposite! It is the spring that does the job!

Garage door springs are much more important than you think. But most homeowners or commercial property owners give little thought to it.

The garage door spring’s purpose is to counter gravity’s force on a usually heavy garage door. These springs make the opening and closing cycle a lot less dangerous and smooth, despite its weight. Garage door springs allow the door to easily lift or shut both manually and with an automatic opener.

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This is why springs are one of the most critical components that impact the functioning of the door. However, these eventually lose their strength due to regular wear and tear or improper upkeep. And springs going bad means the door may be heavier to lift, may come crashing down, or get stuck. This makes it imperative for you to recognize the signs of spring adjustment or repair because that’s the only solution to take care of the door.

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Signs of garage door spring adjustment

If you feel your garage door isn’t working the usual way, here are seven common indications that your garage door springs need adjustment:

  1. Door is noisy

Carefully listen to the door as it functions. A garage door that’s well maintained and in good condition is relatively quiet. But if you can hear squeaking, grinding, or creaking, in short, noise that’s more than usual – time for a spring adjustment. The springs may be strained due to regular use, and you’d gradually start noticing visible signs of damage.

  1. Door is stuck

Garage doors are designed to allow manual lifting, in case the opener is out of order. If you’re unable to lift the door smoothly, the springs may have gone bad and aren’t working as they’re supposed to. In fact, upon opening the door manually or automatically, it may only lift a few inches or get stuck in the middle – this is a tell-tale sign of worn-out springs that need immediate attention.

If there’s nothing left to support the door’s weight, it wouldn’t open at all. But under such circumstances, you’re also advised to check your security system before calling in for repairs. Sometimes the system stops the door from functioning. 

  1. Slow movement

At times the garage door may also slow down its movement and not work as smoothly and fast as usual. This indicates that there’s something wrong with the door, probably with the springs. Broken springs prevent the motor of the door from operating at its normal speed, leading to other associated risks.

  1. Door feels heavy

While the door may slow down, get stuck, and become noisy, it may also start feeling quite heavy upon closing or opening. A fully functional, well-kept garage door may not feel dead heavy. But if it does, call in for help and get the torsion springs checked as they may have worn out. It is the same fault if the door comes crashing down or just too quickly upon closing.

  1. Cables are loose

You may sometimes observe that the garage door cables look slack or loose. These tell a lot about the condition of your garage door. But not to blame the cables – torsion springs may be at fault. Plus, it’s an easy way to check if it’s the spring that’s impacted. When torsion springs uncoil or break, the cables slip out of place.

  1. Door is crooked

This is another tell-tale sign that the garage door springs may need adjustment or complete replacement of other elements as well. Usually, crooked doors result from the damage of extension springs or loose cables.

If the cables are faulty, adjust the torsion springs. But talking of extension springs, these independently pull or shut the door and are fixed on either side. Even if one of the spring is broken, it may affect the movement of that very side of the door. If the problem continues to exist, the door may get stuck on its tracks and start looking crooked.

So when the sides don’t align correctly, and the door seems off-kilter, it’s a sign that the extension springs need adjustment.

  1. Force Setting/ Door Balance Test

These aren’t a direct sign but indicative measures to test if the springs are working correctly:

Force Setting Test: First, open the door fully. Next, close it with the wall button or the transmitter of the door opener. As the door is closing, outstretch your arms and hold the door from the bottom, standing by the door. If it’s a modern door, the safety system will stop the door immediately and reverse itself. But if the door still closes or has difficulty in reversing, there’s a possibility that the springs or the safety mechanism may be affected.

Door Balance Test: Release the door’s electronic mechanism completely and then attempt to lift it by hand. Without much resistance, you must be able to do so. If you aren’t able to, it may be an issue of the springs. Abstain your inspection and schedule a professional visit.

Want to get the springs back into action? Contact us!

Now that you’re aware of the significant signs indicating a spring adjustment, it would be easier for you to call for assistance. We don’t recommend adjusting the springs yourself since it looks easy, but spring adjustment is dangerous. You can injure yourself while in the process or not be able to attend the issues altogether. So no matter what signs you’re experiencing, garage door experts can help you save time, money, and the pain that may come along repairing one of the heaviest parts of your property.

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