Is your garage door spring broken or malfunctioning? The chances are that you have a double garage or a considerably heavier door with two torsion springs on either end. Now there can be numerous reasons why your garage door springs wear out or break.

But irrespective of the reason and extent of damage, you may have to replace both the springs and not just the broken one.

The answer may be simple, but the details aren’t this straightforward. In this blog, we, at Integrity Garage Doors, will discuss what you must do and whether or not replacing both springs really helps with the functioning of your garage door.

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Working Of Garage Door Springs

A majority of households in Richardson, TX, use overhead doors for their garages that run on a track and roller system. These residential garage doors are super heavy, no matter what material they may be made of.

What counterbalances the weight of garage doors are garage door springs that allow you to open and shut the door with ease.

Usually, such doors contain two torsion springs to make the door’s functioning lightweight. These can be found on the long metal bar on the top of the door. When the door shuts, it is then that torsion springs are under the most pressure. Where most DIYers go wrong is fixing springs with the door closed. Shutting the door winds the springs more tightly and stores energy in the metal coil. But as you open the garage door, it unwinds the spring and releases sufficient energy to assist the lifting process.

In short, as the door shuts, springs store the tension on the coil and remain stretched. When the door opens, springs relax and release the energy to lift the door smoothly.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

Your garage door may be going up and down several times a day. Torsion springs ease this movement and are thus a small yet significant component of the door. Since the doors are quite heavy, springs breaking down would require you to operate the door manually. This, however, isn’t always doable, and the situation becomes frustrating. So you decide to fix the garage door spring yourself or maybe call an expert, and they suggest to change both the springs despite only one of them being the cause of inconvenience.

Here’s our take on replacing springs – 

The service life of garage door springs depends on its working cycle. Closing and opening the door once equal to one cycle, and a standard torsion spring would offer you around 5,000 – 20,000 cycles, the average being 10,000. There’s no fixed number of years the springs would work for, and it totally depends on the cycles to determine how long the springs would serve their purpose. Mostly, springs break only due to wear and tear, but there can be other reasons as well, demanding a replacement.

Replacing One Spring

Yes, it is absolutely possible to change just a single spring unless you know when these were installed or know their service cycles. Torsion springs are designed in a manner that even if you fix one spring, the other will work just fine, provided it isn’t too old or worn out. A professional installer may be able to guide you better on this. We may sometimes leave it to the customer to decide, but it’s still suggested to think the other way. You may never know how well the other spring may perform even though it may be new or used for lesser cycles. Thus replacing both springs is a much safer option for most homeowners.

Replacing Both Springs

You may be tempted to save a few bucks, efforts, or not feel the need and replace just a single garage door spring. In certain circumstances, you may do with just changing one spring.

However, we usually suggest changing both of them, even if a single one goes bad.

Why? Because it may otherwise imbalance the garage door!

But why is the balance important? When both the springs are replaced with new ones, it ensures the door is balanced. Why do you need to maintain it so? A stable door makes sure both sides go up and come down equally and not at different speeds. An unbalanced door makes more noise, causes the tracks to warp, works with a jerky motion, becomes unpredictable, and springs wear out even faster (within just a few years instead of 10 to 12 years of expected life).

Both springs must work together with similar strength and movement. In addition to the door’s wear and tear, improperly installed or fixed springs can pose a safety risk to whoever operates the door. Garage doors often weigh hundreds of pounds, and you won’t want to risk anyone’s safety, right? So it’s always best to consider getting both springs replaced.

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Word Of Caution

Torsion springs remain under massive tension. If you are a DIYer or someone without proper knowledge and expertise in changing springs, you may land yourself in trouble. These springs have so much energy stored that they can pop out with force and cause serious injuries, even death if mishandled. In case the springs knock out while you’re at it, the door may come down crashing, damage its own working parts, break the overhead it’s mounted to, or wound anyone nearby.

The word of caution here is to let a professional installer handle this task. They’re qualified and experienced in replacing springs of the heaviest of garage doors. Doing it yourself is safe unless you’re proficient in changing springs and have the necessary tools to ease the job in hand. If not, allow the pros to do what they’re trained for!

Contact Integrity Garage Doors For Spring Replacement In Texas

Now that you understand why replacing both springs is essential, don’t DIY; contact a professional to execute the task safely and skillfully. 

At Integrity Garage Doors, USA, we have years of experience in fixing garage door springs within no time. Our clients keep calling us back for all things garage doors. 

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