A garage door isn’t something that homeowners buy very often, so it’s normal for you not to know how you should approach the process. A good garage door should last you decades or maybe even a lifetime.

While investing in something so important, it makes sense for anyone to spend a little extra time and effort into making the best possible choice. While buying a new garage door, make sure you don’t go for cheap alternatives since they are not as efficient as they should be.

Get a Quote In-person

Ordering a garage door online or over the phone is asking for trouble. Every home garage is in some way or the other different. A knowledgeable salesperson knows exactly what to check before searching for a new replacement. They will inspect aspects like opening shape and size, side and headroom clearance, and even assist you in making design decisions.

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Ensure you call a professional from Integrity Garage Doors to help you guide through the process with ease. We are confident that our expert can help you find the perfect garage door that not only serves its purpose efficiently but also fits in your budget.

Safety comes first

If you live in a hurricane-prone or a high wind area, be sure that the garage door you buy can withstand the test of elements. Garage doors are more susceptible to wind damage with respect to other exterior openings because of their size.

A good garage door should feature heavier gauge tracking, additional bracing, and other necessary hardware required to keep them in place under extreme weather conditions. While buying a new door, ask for storm-ready models with features like built-in passive reinforcement systems that don’t require any advance set-up before a storm.

Insulated doors

Even though most garages aren’t heated, your garage door does impact your home’s energy efficiency. Over the last decade, insulation technologies and materials used in garage doors have improved significantly. Today’s modern doors provide a much tighter seal against the façade to help keep out the elements.

In case your garage is attached to the house, you should definitely go for an insulated door. It will help you reduce both the utility bills and noise. Also, keep in mind the direction your garage door faces. If it’s all-day baking in the sun or gets blasted by the wind, getting an insulated door would better regulate the temperature inside the garage.

Get beefier springs

Having good quality springs is vital as they help your garage door both open and close with ease. Most garage doors use a torsion spring, which can be usually seen attached right above the door.

These coiled torsion springs are usually rated for about 10,000 cycles. Even though they sound a lot, if you open and close your garage door six times a day (which is average), you’ll complete your 10,000 cycles in less than five years.

Spending extra money when shopping for a garage door will get you a spring rated for 20,000 cycles. Spending a few extra bucks can get you twice the life.

Consider getting a new door opener.

Our experts can install both a new door and a new garage door opener. If your previous garage door had its life completed, maybe it’s time that your opener will fail too. If your garage door opener shows its age or you just want to get a quieter one, this is probably the best time for you to replace it.

Replacing it along with the door will help you save money on labor, and you might even get a package deal on the new door and an opener that has more features.

It’s not your average DIY project.

Sure, you could save a few hundred dollars by doing the installation yourself, but it’s one DIY project that won’t have a big payoff. There are many garage door parts that should take you at least one full day to put together for starters.

Moreover, winding the Springs requires special tools and a lot of arm strength, which could be somewhat dangerous for someone who has no idea of doing it. If you hire an expert from integrity garage doors, they will help you hauled away from your old door while delivering the new one.

A professional should get the job done in about four hours, and you’ll have someone to call if there is a problem in the future.

Choose your windows wisely.

It will surprise you how much better a garage door looks with the right windows. Beyond just adding style, a window also supplies much-needed light to the garage.

Here are a few tips that can help you choose the perfect window for you.

  • If your garage is heated, then upgrading to insulated glass is not a bad idea.
  • For added security and privacy, install the glass in the top panel.
  • If possible, you could match your glass style to your house.
  • If your door openings are angled instead of square corners, do not install glass that goes behind the frame. It might just look awkward.


There are several factors that you should consider before you buy yourself a new garage door. Consulting a professional might make this task easier for you since they know exactly what to do and how to do it. They will also give you various options to choose from, which will help you select the one that best fits your budget.

Need professional insight?

If you live in Dallas-Ft Worth, TX, and are looking to buy a new garage door, Integrity Garage Doors might very well be the best option for you. Having more than 50 years of experience in the industry, our experts have more than enough information needed to handle a project like this.

If you wish to speak to our representatives, contact us today and book your home visit. We also give you a free quote to get things started.

Be it commercial or residential, here at Integrity Garage Doors; we can help you find whatever you need.


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