What Does It Cost to Have a Garage Door Spring Repaired?

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The opening and closing cycles of a garage door impart regular wear and tear on the springs and other connected components. After extended use, the springs go bad and may require repair or replacement. Since the choice of replacement is often limited, cyclic, and expensive, most people prefer having the springs replaced. Your next question would obviously be about the cost. So in this blog, we give you an insider’s view on the average cost of repairing garage door springs. But before that, let us briefly take you through the specifics of garage door springs.  

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What Do Garage Springs Do?

Garage door springs are an indispensable component of an overhead rolling garage door. These support manual and/or mechanized opening and closing of the door.

Torsion and extension are the two main types of springs with specific purposes to serve. Both remain under constant and enormous pressure while opening and shutting the door.

With torsion springs, a single coil spring runs parallel to the door to counter its weight, and the pressure is created when these are tightly compressed. With extension springs, two springs on either side run parallel to the overhead track, and stress is created when these stretch upon lowering the door.

A several hundred pounds garage door is nearly impossible to lift or shut without these springs. Moreover, it is dangerous to do so because the door can violently slam or get stuck and not move.

Choosing the right springs, with correct installation and proper maintenance, allows the garage door springs to last up to 30 years. But just like any other component, springs too are likely to wear out or break due to fatigue.

How To Identify Broken Garage Door Springs?

Before talking about the costs in detail, let us tell you how you can spot a spring that has gone bad and may need a repair. Watch out for these indications to gauge the condition of the springs:

  • Difficulty in operating the door
  • Door comes crashing down
  • Door struggles or feels heavy to move
  • Springs sustain a few inches gap (torsion springs)
  • Missing hook on either of the sides (extension springs)
  • Motor works but the door is hard to lift
  • Snapping or banging sounds when moving the door
  • Door gets crooked
  • Cables start hanging loosely
  • Door closes or opens with a jerk
  • Might feel too weighty or light
  • Does not stay fully open or closed

These are the major signs of broken, stretched, imbalanced, or wrongly installed garage door springs. If you do not address the issues as soon as you spot them, it can prove dangerous for you to operate the door and for the door’s condition in the long run.

What Is The Cost Of Professional Garage Door Spring Repair?

The cost of new springs is relatively inexpensive, and the process is not that strenuous. Thus, a DIY repair or replacement seems a viable option. But do you have the time to take up the job? Are you aware that the tension these parts are in requires superior know-how for you even to get the springs off? Do you have the needed tools that would come in handy while repairing? Do you possess the expertise to repair these springs without hurting yourself?

It looks simple, but it is not! If you are a skilled handyman, of course, you may be able to go about the job without any hassles. For everyone else, professionals are better equipped to assist you with your requirements. This is why you must always go for professional repair over DIY.

Coming to what the repair would cost you, here are a few factors to keep under consideration:

  • Your location
  • Type of garage door
  • Condition of the door
  • Type of springs used
  • Extent of damage
  • Length of the warranties
  • Professionals you have hired

To give you a rough estimate, the national average is about $200. This can go up to around $500 in case other components need replacement too.

However, the ideal range for garage door spring repair can be anywhere between $50 and $300, depending on the factors mentioned above, but more importantly, one of these:

Spring Type: If you have extension springs, the cost is relatively low and can vary between $50 and $100. These are the most commonly used type and can easily be found on quite a few garage doors today. But with torsion springs, you would be looking at something towards the higher end, i.e., around a $100 to $300 repair charge since it involves some labor and specific materials. One thing to remember is that even if one of the two springs of your garage door is damaged, the technician would suggest you change both the springs for the efficient functioning of the door while increasing its life. 

Door Type: Coming to the type of door, if you own a tilt-up garage door, expect to pay around $150 to $200. If it is a roll-up, two-car garage door, the technician might charge about $200 to $250.

Location: As with any other service work, one aspect of the repair cost also depends on where you live, and the ratio of demand and supply. If there is ample business in a city, the labor would be affordable, and hence repair costs would be much less.

In most cases, repairing springs mean a replacement, but it would simply need some lubrication and balancing, which can fall towards the inexpensive side. Materials and labor charges are what increase the cost.

Remember to contact not just one but a few contractors to know the accurate cost and compare what suits you best. Also, do not forget to inspect the condition of the garage door opener. It is a good idea to replace that as well if it is nearing its life and has been lifting and shutting quite a heavy door.

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In our opinion, not all springs and services are equal. Thus, investing in premium springs, extended warranties, and quality service providers is key to getting optimum performance out of your garage door. So if you are looking for reliable bids in Texas, call Integrity Garage Doors experts at (972) 520-2577 or complete the contact form here to request a free quote today. We are always happy to assist you with your queries.

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