What Is The Most Popular Style Of Residential Garage Door?

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Investing in a garage door is the most affordable and quickest solution for making the most significant upgrade to your home. It is quite an intelligent way to change the face of your house without putting in a lot of efforts. Although overlooked, a garage door holds immense importance to enhance the curb appeal of your home. The right style and design can give those finishing touches to the exteriors of your house. So, this element certainly deserves all the attention.

But if the process somewhat feels overwhelming and you do not know how or where to start, this bog is certainly for you. We are here to reassure you that the decision you take is absolutely in favor, and you do not regret it later. There are several garage door styles available out there, and if you are wondering which will best suit your home, check out the popular options mentioned below.

Choosing The Best Style

For most homeowners, there is nothing more important than the style and design when selecting the best residential garage door. Thoughtfully making this replacement also helps increase the value of your home. Generally, the most common types of residential garage doors in the market include these three:

Traditional Garage Doors

The conventional panel design is appropriate for a classic look. It features a symmetrical raised or recessed panel that can be both short and long. Adding windows on the traditional style garage doors also complements the overall look. Moreover, these may perfectly go with well-recognized American architectural styles like Colonial and Cape Cod houses, or European styles like Tudor and Mediterranean. You get the chance to closely match these styles to the look of your home and add a typical appeal. Traditional garage doors are the most common types most homeowners opt for, and they look terrific without making bolder statements if that is your taste.

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Modern Garage Doors

For homes with mid-century or modern design, the types of garage doors that will suit the look are minimalistic and uniform. These can make a dramatic statement and are a perfect choice with both symmetric and asymmetric features. You can add glass, wooden, or metallic accents to enhance the look further. Ones made of steel or with clear, frosted, or tinted glass panel encased in aluminum frames are amongst the popular choices. These allow you to customize the amount of natural light that enters inside along with the degree of privacy you would need. If you wish to try any such contemporary styles, we have got you covered.

Carriage House Garage Doors

A.K.A. Barn style garage door, these types offer old-world charm, that Victorian-style appearance, and resemble swinging stable doors. However, they move up and down just like any regular residential garage door. You can add decorative handles or hinges for that perfect finish. Their rustic and distinctive look sets them apart from other available options. And these are ideal for the mission as well as craftsman style houses.

Why these are called carriage house doors is because they replicate the old-style carriage house look. Carriage style doors are low on maintenance, offer additional storage space, have versatility with materials, and add that sophistication to your home. Not just for homes, these are also well suited for commercial spaces.   

So these three types are the market leaders and game-changers for the look of your property.

Things To Keep In Mind

To start with, use your own home style, color combination, and particular needs as a guide before you go garage-door-shopping. Stand far away from your home and observe your property’s architectural details and try to mirror that appeal to your garage door. Once you have selected the right type, customization comes in next. You also need to pick the right material for this. And garage doors are primarily made up of wood, glass, aluminum, and steel.

Steel doors have the largest market share, are incredibly strong, and relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, aluminum and glass doors do not offer the same structural strength but are lightweight, do not rust, and go well together, not as independent options.

Next, adding accessories is another fantastic idea for turning the garage door into a stunning focal point of your home. Several times, a door that looks so impressive, even better than the front door, does not require a fortune. In fact, at Integrity Garage Doors, we have quite affordable solutions for you.

Besides, colors like white, light/ dark gray, brown, and beige/ taupe are go-to options for residential garage doors, no matter their styles or current trends.

Your lifestyle, purpose of use, budget, insulation, durability, and opening system, etc. also has a vital role to play while you select the best garage door for home. So be sure to choose the one that most meets your necessities.

Always keep in mind not to match the garage door exactly to your front door, have less vibrant color options, and consider the style of your home. All elements must blend in seamlessly, and you must get what you pay for.

How Can We Help?

We, at Integrity Garage Doors, provide our customers with several unique garage door options to give them the idea of their upgrade process. We invest a lot of time to understand the realistic requirements of our customers and then give them a walkthrough. Once we begin to target your desires, we begin to determine the value for you. We offer you upcoming trends and garage doors that are evergreen or something we observe a reoccurring desire for. These options are something you cannot get anywhere else.

So, whatever style you choose, you are sure to turn around all the heads with our garage door options. We are open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. You can visit our showroom in Richardson, Texas to check out the available variety or simply give us a call at (972) 520-2577 in case you need customized solutions. We will be happy to assist you through it!

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