Some different materials for garage door rollers include plastic, steel and nylon. All garage door rollers have some forms of steel stems with wheels at each end. The wheels’ properties are what set these rollers apart. These wheels are made of different materials. Some have ball bearings, which only need lubrication once a year and are high-quality, while rollers that don’t have ball bearings are lower-quality and they tend to deteriorate earlier on. If your garage door roller have ball bearings, you’ll be able to see them easily. You’ll want to consider replacing the wheels of your garage doors if they’re made of plastic, because they tend to break down rather easily. Over time, wheels deteriorating will cause more issues for your garage doors. Whiles steel wheels are durable, they can cause more damage and issues for a garage door track. Generally speaking, nylon wheels are the best options, as they’re durable and don’t cause many issues. We’ve chosen three of our top garage door roller recommendations and listed them below:residential garage door

  1. Ultra-Quiet 2″ Nylon Garage Door Roller: This roller has a 13-Ball Bearing and a 4″ Stem. It’s high-quality and lasts quite a while. It’s been rated 8/10 by customers, and is pretty popular with most garage door companies. It has a smooth 13-ball bearing that reduces rotational friction between roller and shaftEXTRA. It’s also much more quite than the other options.
  2. Nylon Garage Door Rollers: These 13 Ball Sealed Bearing garage door rollers have been quite popular. It has been rated 9.4 out of 10, and has been called one of the safest options available on the market.
  3. Ultra-Life 2″ Nylon Garage Roller: This garage roller comes with Sealed 13-Ball Bearing & 4″ Stem. It can be bought online in packs of 10. As we mentioned earlier, the nylon rollers are safer and last a long time. These garage rollers have been rated 9.7 out of 10. It needs less lubrication and comes with a great warranty, as it will be replaced if any damage occurs.

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