Why do garage doors get stuck? How do you fix them?

Mar 26, 2020 | Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Door Parts, Garage Door Repair, Residential Garage Door Openers, Residential Garage Doors

Integrity Garage Doors has come across all kinds of garage issues, from garages not opening and closing properly to garage doors making strange screeching noises. Here are some of the most common reasons why garage doors get stuck:

The springs are broken

One of the most common reasons for garage doors to get stuck and stop working properly is that the garage door springs are broken. While this issue is simple to fix, it’s not something homeowners should handle on their own, because the spring may end up snapping and causing injuries. Instead, they should call a reliable garage door company, such as Integrity Garage Doors, to come resolve the issue.

The garage door is lockedwhy do garage doors get stuck

Sometimes, homeowners accidentally lock their garage doors. Manual garage door locks will not allow garage doors to open unless you physically unlock them. All you need to do to unlock the garage door lock is turn the handle in the center of the garage door until you hear a click.

The batteries in the remote are dead

If your garage door isn’t opening, the first thing you should check are the batteries in your garage door opener. This is the most simple, yet often overlooked, garage door issue. If your garage door batteries are dead, all you have to do are replace them and your garage door should be able to open easily.

Something blocking the sensors

Garage doors often reverse if there’s an object (or objects) blocking the sensors on either sides of the garage. Sometimes though, the things blocking sensors aren’t exactly objects, per se. An example of such things would be cobwebs that formed around the sensors and have been obstructing their ability to work properly. All you need to do to resolve this issue is take a brook and sweep away the cobwebs.

Insufficient lubrication on tracks

If the tracks are making screeching noises when the garage door is being opened or closed, it’s a sign that they aren’t sufficiently lubricated. An easy fix to this issue is a standard garage track lubrication oil that you can purchase at a hardware store.

Your garage door isn’t aligned

If your garage door is misaligned and isn’t on track, you’ll need to call the experts at Integrity Garage Doors. The reason for this is that realigning a garage door system isn’t an easy task and can’t be done by the average homeowner.

Weather is another cause

During extreme weather, such as blizzards, garage doors can sometimes end up being frozen shut or the lubricant can get dried up. The solution to this is thawing the frozen part of the garage door and slowly lifting it, or adding lubricant to the garage door once the weather has settled down a bit.

Poor installation

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If a garage door hasn’t been installed properly, you’ll need to call in experts (like our team t Integrity Garage Doors) to come see if they have to re-install or re-adjust your garage door for you.

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